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Suzaku Hear Our Prayer...

~Descend to us know from the heavens above!~
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~~Descend to us know from the heavens above!~~

Konnichiwa! This is a community dedicated to roleplaying a very awsome anime Fushigi Yuugi! Now, there are a few rules for this community and they might be a little dumb or strict to some people, but to me they are what I believe is necessary for having a worth while RP. Alright here we go, this is a community for advanced roleplayers...you don't have to be SUPER advanced but none of that ::walks to the kitchen to grab a plate:: crap. This community is for Para RPing only, and if you don't know what that is then please don't bother joining ^_^;. I may seem a bit harsh but I'm really into RPing and I don't want to have to cut anyone off from this community if they don't RP like the rest of us. Don't be afraid to join either I promise we're not SUPER strict, we just have certain ways we like to do things. Also due to the fact that there are not enough female characters in this anime made one up. This character take place of Mitsukake, so he is not in the RPG. If you wanted to be him, gomen. Anyway if you feel like joining IM me on AIM @ "LotisNoTeishu" or on YAHOO @ "Kagomexmiko" and give me a quick sample of your RPing so we can see if you pass or not! ^_^ ♥ Ja ne!

Taken Characters:
Miaka Yuuki ~
Aya Mitsukai ~ Kagomexmiko
Tasuki/Kou Shunu'u ~ tasukinomiko